The unforgettable EuroTrip

The beating heart of central europe has never been closer and more welcoming.

Join us for an exciting adventure winding past the thrilling views of the Alps and the Dolomites.

Our bestseller tour to the classical borders triangle of Germany, Austria and northern Italy.

Main features

  • 6 full riding days

  • small groups (up to 6 bikes per group)

  • Individual approach

  • Luxurious hotels

  • 1500km of twists and turns (blended by 60km of the perfect Autobahn)

Package includes

  • Pre-tour group meeting

  • A professional instructor leading each group. All our guides are professional riding instructors.

  • Direct, (no "LowCost") flights

  • Transportation

  • Stay in Luxury hotels

  • Motorcycles rental (insurance included)

  • Road Tolls

  • Fuel expenses

Not included in package

  • Lunch & dinner expenses (~150€ per person for the whole trip)

  • Personal health insurance

Tour Overview

Day 1 - Wednesday

We will start our day with picking up the bikes and a short safety instruction. Paperwork settled - we shall start our journey south, crossing through the green fields of south Bavaria. It won't take long until we find ourselves surrounded by the jaw dropping views of Tirol.

No highways here, only the hidden, twisty, perfectly maintained local roads.

The welcoming ski hotel (with a super tasty restaurant and a local pub) will accommodate us for the night, not before we race through the curves of Gerlos pass and the breathtaking "Grossglockner hoch alpen strasse" road.

Day 2 - Thursday

South is still the way to go. After a moderate cruising through the valleys and crossing to Italy, we will stop for a break at the magnificent Brias lake. An hour long walking tour around the 1500m high, 30m deep, snow melting ice cold bluish waters lake is expecting us.

After the short walk, we will continue our journey by riding through the mesmerizing surrounding passes of Cortina d'Ampezzo area.

A hidden road following a small mountain river running down a canyon, with its manually carved tunnels will lead us to the magnificent San Boldo pass. All the hairpin turns of this 450 meters high pass were curved through the mountain using manual labor only.

The local, family run, typical and extremely welcoming hotel is only a few minutes ride away.

Day 3 - Friday

After the typical breakfast on the grass veranda next to the fountain, we will continue our journey, turning west toward the resort city of Riva del Garda.

No highways here either, nor tourists. The twisty, mountain climbing and valleys diving roads are used mainly by the locals. So is the typical super tasty restaurant to accommodate us for lunch.

Day 4 - Saturday

The early birds will have a great opportunity for a short walk on the lake surrounding promenade.

After a rich breakfast we will turn north and ride the small, twisty, hidden roads of the Trento county mountain area. This, not before dropping over to a secret viewpoint offering a stunning view of the lakes of Garda and its northern coast.

By the end of the day we shall reach the hidden pearl of the day - the ultra fun pass descending from the mountains, eastwise, towards Bolzano.

The swimming pool with supreme, roof located spa area in our business oriented hotel is operated Sheraton.

Day 5 - Sunday

Breakfast in this hotel starts early, allowing us to be ready for our exciting day before the roads get busy. The relatively early leave will allow us enough time to visit the Italian mecca of twisty roads, the Stelvio pass.

On our way to which we will visit a few less known but not less thrilling passes. A pit stop for the best ice cream we have ever tasted in a hidden Gelateria is scheduled as well.

Following the thrill of the Stelvio pass is the Merano valley, with its endless grape and apple plantations and stunning mountains surroundings.

Day 6 - Monday

Waking up to the stunning view of the Passier valley literally knocking on the room windows will slightly ease the leaving of the comfy, family run, extremely cozy, tyrolean typical hotel.

The Timmelsjoch pass is waiting for us, followed by the Otztal valley.

The lunch is planned to take place on the terrass of a typical bavarian restaurant located on the shore of the magnificent Wildensee.

A quick straight run through the speed unlimited autobahn will bring us back to Munich, where we will return the bikes, and prepare for the flight back home.

Tour schedule for 2020


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